Everglades Area Tours

     Florida SEE Silver Certified

About Everglades Area Tours:
Everglades Area Tours has provided educational, nature-based tours throughout the Everglades region since 1997. They provide educational tours via hiking, paddling and power boating on tours that run from half-day tours to 7-day excursions. Everglades Area Tours president Captain Charles Wright has seen the evolution of his company grow from fishing charters to nature-based eco-tours over the years. He sought SEE certification as a way to validate the ethical business practices that Everglades Area Tour employs and to help raise the standard by being a positive example for other tours in the region.

Everglades Area Tours SEE Certification:
Everglades Area Tours was the second Ecotour Operator to be certified through the Florida SEE certification program and received Silver designation for meeting up to 74% of the BONUS criteria on the Certification Checklist. Everglades Area Tours is recognized as a sustainable tour provider for its actions on tour and in the community. 

Highlights of Everglades Area Tours Certification:
A Florida SEE Assessor participated on two kayak tours provided by Everglades Area Tours. Both of these tours were conducted with small groups (3 - 5 total).

The "Boat Assisted Kayak Tour" (pictures above) was an ideal way to combine the best of a boat tour, kayak experience and a walking tour. Suited for the experienced and beginner ecotraveler, this tour took us with ease by pontoon boat through the back bay area of the 10,000 Islands to a remote destination where we launched our kayaks for a leisurely paddle to a pristine barrier island beach. Boating and paddling past sea turtles, dolphins, wading birds and mangrove covered islands, we had the opportunity to explore on foot a beach that is seldom visited by tourists. Our guide was very professional and personable as he shared with us safety tips and factual information about the flora and fauna that we were experiencing. Caution and care was taken along the way to lessen our impacts as travelers through this remarkable natural area.
The "Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Eco Tour" provided a totally different experience along the fresh water of the Turner River and into brackish "lakes" as it flows to the gulf coast. This mix of fresh and salt waters, provided the varied habitats to see native wildlife going about their daily chores of eating, mating and resting. Paddling past roosting and breeding birds, we stopped many times to allow alligators to cross the waterway and watched as turtles dropped into the water to scout out their next meal. As we paddled further down the river, we experienced the solitude and magic of arching mangroves dotted with thousands of bromeliads and the occasional orchid clinging to their prop roots. Once again our guide took as much time as needed to prepare us for a comfortable and safe trip since the participants had various kayaking abilities. All felt welcome and not rushed as our guide provided fact based personal stories of the natural and cultural history of the river way. A very rewarding and pleasurable trip for families and experienced kayakers alike

Contact Everglades Area Tours:
Chokoloskee Island, FL 34138
Toll Free: 800.860.1472


Certification Date:
February 7, 2012