April, 2013
published by The Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism

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Erin White

Attention Certified EcoTour Providers!  Have a tale you want to tell? We want to hear from you!

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Hold the dates! for Florida SEE's Annual Meeting, June 28-30, Cocoa Beach

by Erin White

HOLD THE DATES! for Florida SEE's Annual Meeting, June 28-30

Florida SEE's Annual Meeting will be held this year June 28th - 30th in Brevard County, at the International Palms Resort and Conference Center in Cocoa Beach, FL.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

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Membership News and Updates for April 2013

by Erin White

This section is devoted to YOU, our valued members.  Learn about the ways in which we say "thank you" for joining Florida SEE, including use of our website facilities, webinars, and more!

DID YOU KNOW?  Membership has it's benefits! Free environmental education is just the tip of the iceberg.  When you're a member, you can add your tour operation's events to our calendar, list yourself and your services in our directory, and much more.

Certification Criteria: Information Accuracy

by Pete Corradino

Unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound...Have you been on a tour where the guide dispenses information that you know is incorrect, partially true or just a twisted version of the truth?

Criteria #11 on the Certification Checklist states “Information must be accurate with an allowance for correctable/inadvertent mistakes.” Seems reasonable. Every tourist deserves accurate information but occasionally misinformation makes its way to the ears and eyes of travelers. Chances are you have heard some whoppers. Perhaps you’ve accidentally told one or two...


Photo Essay: Yellow Fever Creek Preserve

by Erin White

Lee County Conservation 20/20 has launched a "TAKE A HIKE" Ranger Series of events for April 2013. This series is intended to familiarize participants with some of the less visited preserves in Lee County, FL.

Led by Ranger Mickey Miller, the series kicked off with a trek through Yellow Fever Creek Preserve, located on Del Prado Parkway North in Cape Coral, FL, just north of Kismet Blvd.

A mixture of naturalists, hikers, birders, and photographers showed up for the innaugural hike. The threat of rain did nothing to diminish the spirit and enthusiasm of the hike participants. Overcast skies are better for photography, anyway!
The Florida SEE Grapevine - April, 2013

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